CNBC and ETR Crossover

ETS Data Supports CNBC's Top 25 Enterprise Tech Startup List

ETR Research

| November 11, 2022

Earlier this week, CNBC published its first-ever Top 25 Enterprise Tech Startup List, stating "CNBC’s first-ever Top Startups for the Enterprise list highlights startups powering digital transformation, attracting strategic investments and potentially drawing acquisition interest. These are up-and-coming companies built by ambitious, creative, and innovative entrepreneurs who specifically set out to develop the latest technology in business intelligence, IT, cloud, big data, and cybersecurity as companies in all sectors of the economy allocate increasing levels of spending to technology."

Here at ETR, we have been tracking the top private enterprise tech companies for years via our proprietary Emerging Technology Survey where qualified IT decision-makers indicate their awareness, utilization, and churn for top private companies across varying technology sectors. The most recent iteration of the ETS is currently live in the field with more than 930 ITDMs already participating. While ETR subscribers can see the live data HERE and our new friends can kick off a free trial to access the full research platform, this article is intended to quickly examine which of these tech companies landed in the CNBC ETR Crossover list.

As you can see in the CNBC article so many of these companies fall within Cybersecurity and Big Data, the two sectors that hold the #1 and #2 spot in our most recent Macro Survey data, ranking the spending priorities for more than 1300 ITDMs published in October of 2022 (see image below).

In addition, most of the companies on CNBC's list are already well-known names among our ITDM community, such as Abnormal, Databricks, and Snyk to name a few. Canva also makes the list, and no doubt, Figma would have as well if Adobe hadn't just snapped them up at a record evaluation. Below is a chart depicting all of the names that landed on the CNBC / ETR Crossover list, with placement being determined by two proprietary ETR metrics, overall Net Sentiment and Mind Share (or awareness levels) for the vendor.

There should be no surprise seeing Databricks in the top right leading both Net Sentiment and Mind Share metrics, but seeing the data and observability player, Cribl, in the number two spot for overall Net Sentiment is a nugget of data that investors and end users alike should take note of. For every company on this list, ETR has detailed data, proprietary analysis models, and qualitative reports. For anyone operating within the enteprise tech landscape, ETR is the deepest, most dedicated, research platform in the industry.

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