Wake Up Call for Legacy IDS Vendors

VENN Interviews Awake Security

Erik Bradley | Peter Steube 

| July 12, 2019

The quote above and many more insights into the modern information security marketplace were discussed in this week’s highlighted interview featuring the CEO of Awake Security, a next generation security company specializing in Network Detection and Response.

In this interview, we discuss the product architecture, competitive differentiation, use cases, integrations, and the ML technology at the heart of the product platform. The interview had a wide breadth, and this article is only a brief excerpt of some highlights. We strongly encourage you to read the full transcript and listen to a replay of the recorded interview via your ETR+ log in.

Some of the specific vendors and technologies discussed in this interview include: Amazon (AWS), Carbon Black, Cisco (Stealthwatch), CrowdStrike, Darktrace, ExtraHop, Google (Chronicle), Microsoft (Azure, Sentinel), Palo Alto Networks, and Splunk.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the highlighted quotes from the VENN interview with Awake Security's CEO, Rahul Kashyap:

Technology provider, Awake Security screens positively in the Intrusion Detection and Response sector of ETR’s Emerging Technology Study (ETS), which is designed to measure the brand awareness and market opportunity for privately held technology vendors. The current ETS data illustrates the overall positive net sentiment that Awake Security is receiving from our IT Decision Maker community. In the most recent survey, 52 IT Decision Makers (ITDM) representing $19 Billion in IT spend cited a response regarding Awake Security. Of the 52 survey respondents, the majority of Awake’s respondents came from Large Enterprises, and the vendor’s industry representation skewed towards those verticals with the highest IT budgets; including Financials/Insurance, IT/Telco, and Retail/Consumer. Furthermore, and as illustrated below, Awake Security leads the pack relative to the rest of the sector competitors in overall Net Sentiment*.

Based on the data we have been capturing about Awake, we asked Mr. Kashyap about some of of the company's sector competitors, and here is what they had to say:

As part of its ongoing research efforts, the VENN team is highlighting some of the best performing emerging vendors across the entire enterprise technology landscape. This interview with Awake Security provided detailed insight into the company’s differentiated product offering, as well as the current state of the Network security marketplace and competitive environment. Although the entire interview and transcript should be referenced for MUCH MORE details, some high-level takeaways from the interview include:

  • As network technology has evolved, traditional IDS/IPS (Darktrace, TrendMicro, McAfee, Cisco) players have fallen behind, creating opportunity for next-gen vendors like Awake. Of this group, Darktrace, in particular, seems to be losing wallet share.
  • Effective network security begins with deep visibility, which is a vital competitive differentiator between next-gen vendors and the legacy vanguard.
  • Along with security stalwart, Palo Alto Networks, IaaS providers Microsoft and Google have also rolled out data aggregation offerings to approach the network security market, all of which could make intriguing partners for Awake Security.
  • Although the security market remains crowded, best of breed technology along with strong market support, will still differentiate the winners from the losers.

Remember, this is only a glimpse into the full details from this interview. The entire 150 events and interviews that VENN has conducted is now fully searchable in the VENN Library, hosted on ETR+. Get your Library card right here .

*Net Sentiment = [Plan to Evaluate within 6 months + Currently Evaluating + Evaluated, Plan to Utilize + Allocating Further] - [Evaluated, No Plan to Utilize + Replaced or In Containment]