Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) Highlights

Part Two: Leading Security Vendors

ETR Research 

| June 30, 2022

More than 930 IT decision makers (representing over $500 billion in annual IT spend) participated in ETR's MAY22 ETS analyzing evaluation, utilization, and churn metrics for 450+ private, enterprise tech vendors. In our first installment, we examined a higher-level view of the data, and this week we present the best-positioned security vendors.

Our Macro data shows that information security has remained the top budget priority for IT decision makers within the ETR Community since September 2020. This has translated into the ETS data, where all 17 security subsectors tracked maintain higher Mind Share than last year. This data from this report focuses on standouts within the API, Identity Access, Email, and User Behavior security subsectors (please see ETR's separate Cloud Security report for a more detailed examination of that subsector's data, including Wiz, Aqua, Laceworks, Netskope, and many more).

Within the MAY22 Emerging Technology Survey (ETS), the Identity & Access Management subsector now has the second-highest Mind Share of any Cybersecurity subsector, slipping from a tie for first with Cloud Security last year. Email and API Security are both above average in Net Sentiment Rankings, and despite User Behavior Analysis ranking low in both metrics, PerimeterX is a standout vendor in overall Evaluation rates across the entire survey.

Overlapping data from the Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS) and ETS, Abnormal, and Salt Security are well-positioned among Cisco (Security) and Palo Alto Networks customers in terms of Net Sentiment. However, BeyondTrust is the best-positioned within Palo Alto and Cisco Security accounts, with a dominant Shared Mind Share (representing respondents overlap) and a healthy Net Sentiment above 25%. Across the entire ETS Survey universe, the top 12 vendors with the highest ‘Plan to Evaluate’ indications include Abnormal, Salt, and PerimeterX (with Abnormal and Salt in the top 5).

On a vendor-specific level, interesting takeaways include:

  • Abnormal Security has tough competition to face in Email security, but strong Net Sentiment and growing Mind Share data are encouraging.
  • With Auth0 acquired by Okta, BeyondTrustnow leads all other Identity & Access Management vendors in both Net Sentiment and Mind Share.
  • PerimeterX data has been volatile over the years, but the last two surveys have shown a turnaround for the vendor who leads the User Behavior Analytics subsector.
  • A once overlooked niche of security is increasingly gaining awareness, and Salt Security has a sizeable lead in both Net Sentiment and Mind Share within the API Security subsector.

Stay tuned for next week's installment where we focus on the private Data Management and Software Application vendors. Don't feel like waiting? that's ok, you can access all of ETRs proprietary data and industry-leading research reports right now with a FREE TRIAL. 

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