JUL24 Early Takeaways Part I  

Highlights from the July 2024 TSIS Preliminary Findings Report

ETR Research | Vincent Chang 

| June 27, 2024

ETR recently published the July 2024 Early Takeaways, leveraging preliminary data to examine sectors with improving and declining 2024 spending intent, as well as inflections captured at the vendor level. ICYMI, we offer some highlights in this article, and you can view the full report on the ETR platform. To date, over 1,600 IT decision makers have participated in ETR's July 2024 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS), including 269 from Fortune 500 and 384 from Global 2000 organizations.


Each quarter halfway through the Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS) polling period, ETR analyzes preliminary data highlighting the most significant movements in the data set. In this survey, most sectors exhibit a year-over-year acceleration in spending intentions, which is a stark reversal from the prior APR24 survey. The most notable year-over-year (y/y) increases were seen within the ML/AI and Data Center Colocation sectors. PC/Tablet, Video Conferencing, and Container Orchestration also stood out among a wide swatch of rising sectors. Meanwhile, IT Services, Information Security, Enterprise Apps, Productivity Apps were stable.

Transitioning to vendor-level data, cloud giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Google all hold top positions in Pervasion of our survey sample; however, Anthropic, OpenAI, Databricks, Wiz, and Kubernetes lead in Net Score while Snowflake and ServiceNow also boast a strong Pervasion and Net Score position. Anthropic’s relatively low Pervasion should be noted, but it doesn’t dampen its meteoric growth.

Across the larger, platform-type vendors tracked in two or more ETR sectors, Nutanix, Meta, HP, and SUSE are seeing the largest increases in Net Score vs. last October; Databricks, AWS, Microsoft, Okta, and Google are all high Net Score companies seeing further improvements. Several vendors, such as Nutanix, Okta, Commvault, and HP (to name a few), also captured meaningful survey-over-survey increases.

Next week, we will look deeper into year-over-year Pervasion data to see which vendors are growing customer citations the fastest and which are stalling. Data from ETR's July 2024 Technology Spending Intentions Survey is tentatively scheduled to finalize on July 8th, at which point the ETR Research Team will prepare to publish related vendor, sector, and macro-level reports, as well as two webinars, Macro Views Findings Webinar on July 12th and the full July TSIS Findings Webinar on July 19th. Reach out to the ETR Service Team if you haven't yet scheduled time to run through the most recent data with us. Or you can request your own free trial access here.  

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