Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) Data Preview

Top Ranking Private Vendors

ETR Research

| August 26, 2022

ETR has officially finalized data for its August 2022 Emerging Technology Survey (ETS), which provides data-driven insight into which private technology companies are gaining traction in global enterprises. 1010+ IT decision makers representing over $520 billion in annual IT spend participated in the August survey, including 150 from Fortune 500 and 246 from Global 2000 organizations.

Now that data is final, the big question is which emerging vendors are successfully knocking down the doors of the world’s largest spenders in tech?

Enter ETR’s Custom Filtering dashboard, which we at ETR refer to as our ‘data dump.’ Filled with nearly 21,000 line items of data, ETR platform capabilities allow us to narrow down a list of over 440 emerging vendors to find which are best / worst positioned or are experiencing a material inflection vs. prior periods.

Today we’ll first filter for which companies maintain the highest Evaluation rates among Global 2000 organizations. For context, see the definition of Evaluation rate below:

Evaluation Rate = (% Currently Evaluating + % Plan to Evaluate within 6 months)

With just 7 clicks, the Custom Filtering dashboard can bring ~21,000 line items down to 10 to tell us which companies are gaining most traction among the Global 2000. Sorting by highest Evaluation rate, these vendors include Armor, Abnormal Security, SecurityScorecard, vArmour, Scale AI, Snyk, Netskope, H2O.ai, and Salt Security. See data in ETR here and also below: 

For the next screen, we’ll look at vendors seeing the most improvement among the Global 2000 vs. data captured three months ago. With only 4 clicks, we find that Cohesity, Orca Security, Aqua, Panther, Armor, SafeGuard Cyber, NeoSec, and Zimperium are all seeing a >15% gain in Net Sentiment among the Global 2000 since last survey. See data in ETR here and the full list below:

All ETS data is now complete. Vendor and sector specific reports will be released next week. In the meantime, check out all the data on the ETR Platform or start your Free Trial today!