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| August 26, 2022

As we prepare the latest batch of reports on data from ETR's latest Emerging Technology Survey (ETS), we'll take a look back at some of the data from last quarter's survey. In May 2022, ETR assembled a feedback panel in response to our ETS to offer seasoned IT executives an opportunity to comment on the evaluation and utilization rates of leading private technology vendors. The panel discussed cybersecurity and technology spend in the face of macroeconomic challenges. Some of the detailed topics included: the leaders in digital identity, cloud, and container security; the emerging importance of API security and DevOps automation; data governance and how best to optimize data analytics; as well as the advantages and complexities of software-defined networking in a multi-cloud environment.

The model below shows performance in our May 2022 ETS for vendors in the API Security, Container Security, Email Security, and IAM subsectors. Net Sentiment is on the Y-Axis, and Mind Share is on the X-Axis. Abnormal Security, BeyondTrust, Snyk, and Salt Security registered some of the highest Net Sentiment in our work, while BeyondTrust and 1Password lead the way in Mind Share.

Our group of IT decision makers offered feedback on those vendors above and many more. Below, review a selection of commentary from the panel featuring discussion on BeyondTrust, Snyk, Orca, Wiz, and others:

  • "The only real surprise for me was BeyondTrust. That’s a name that’s well known. It’s been in the industry for a while. It’s not quite as an up-and-comer, but I do think that in that particular space they are seen as a leader. I just wouldn’t have put them with Snyk, Abnormal, and some of those other companies ... I think at the macro level, while identity has been around forever – as long as we’ve had accounts on computers, we’ve had an identity space – it has gained more importance with a lot of digital transformation, cloud, and migration. So I’d say at a macro level, I think that there’s definitely interest there. But for them specifically, I do think that they have been fairly innovative. They do have a solution set that matches with a lot of those initiatives. In that regard, I’m not surprised that BeyondTrust was one of the leading vendors, because I do think that they’re well-paired for cloud transformation and cloud initiatives."

  • "I think [Abnormal Security's] prospects are very good. I think that’s a space that has been disrupted, and I think that they and several other companies have shown that they can actually compete with and even outcompete some of the legacy email security vendors. And they’re taking new approaches, just new fundamental ways of securing emails, that are more effective than the old ways. I think that that space, the young companies are going to continue to gain market share, and it’s going to be tough for the legacy companies like Microsoft, Mimecast, and Proofpoint to compete."

  • "Secure web gateways exploded in needs once we put in firewalls. We used to have open networks and we put in a firewall, but we left the Web wide open. It became obvious at that point you have to secure Web channels, so secure Web gateways became the thing. We’re seeing that with APIs now. We’ve closed down everything else but we still have all of these APIs everywhere, so the attackers are going to go there because it’s accessible. And when you’re integrating with cloud, when you’re integrating with Salesforce or Microsoft or any of those cloud people, you have exposed APIs. It has created almost a mandate that you have some level of API security. And again I think Salt one of the companies are very successful, they’re very mature, and it makes total sense to me to see them with a high level of adoption."

  • "I think that for instance, Netskope, even though they’re an established company, they’ve also brought a lot of new capabilities. They are going toe-to-toe with a lot of younger startup companies in that SSE, that Secure Service Edge space, which I personally view is going to be a huge space in the future. So I think that there are other companies that are now in that space, like iBoss for instance, which is ironically down there and yet they’re competing in that space. But I think that that market, that sort of – yeah, Cato, thank you – there are other players in that space I think are going to see a lot of adoption and a lot of growth just as a macro market. A lot of competition in there. I also think that like the Orcas and the Wiz’s, where they started out kind of as CSPM cloud posture management solutions, they have significantly evolved their products. I think that there are some other companies that, again, they’re very young and they don’t have a lot of visibility – Lightpsin is one that comes to mind that plays in a very similar space – they’re really transformed into platforms to help companies put their security capabilities into cloud environments. I think by broadening their capabilities, the ones that are winning, that are out competing the rest – like Orca and Wiz – they’ve gotten their first. There are probably now a hundred companies to do CSPM, but if that’s all you do, it’s going to pale in comparison to a more mature solution. I think again those two specifically in that market had a jump start on everyone else."

The full group of vendors mentioned in this moderated group dicussion includes:

Abnormal Security / Adobe / Alteryx / Apache / Aqua / Arista / Aryaka / AuditBoard / AutoCAD / Aviatrix / AWS / BeyondTrust / BrowserStack / Cato Networks / Cisco / CloudBees / Cockroach / Collibra / Databricks / Denodo / Docker / Dremio / Druva / Equinix / Figma / Fivetran / Google / Grafana / Harness / iBoss / Illumio / Istio / Juniper Networks / Kafka / Lightspin / MariaDB / Matillion / Microsoft / Mimecast / Miro / Netskope / Okta (Auth0) / Oracle / Orca / Palo Alto / PerimeterX / Postgres / Productboard / Proofpoint / Puppet / Redis / Rubrik / Salesforce / Salt Security / SAP / Sauce Labs / Snowflake / Snyk / SolarWinds / SonarSource / Stack Rox / Starburst / Sysdig / Versa / Wiz

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