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ETS Data Overlaps with the IA40

ETR Research 

| November 18, 2022

It recently came to our attention that Madrona Venture Group, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, organized 40 leading PE firms to vote on the top 40, AI-driven private tech companies in the marketplace. You can see the full list here. Much like last week's list from CNBC, yet again, there was a significant amount of overlap with ETR's Emerging Technology Survey (ETS), where 1100+ IT decision makers indicated their awareness, utilization, and churn for today's leading private companies.

Here at ETR, we have been tracking the top private enterprise tech companies for years via our proprietary Emerging Technology Survey (ETS), where qualified IT decision-makers indicate their awareness, utilization, and churn for top private companies across varying technology sectors. The most recent iteration of the ETS is currently live in the field with more than 1100 ITDMs already participating. While ETR subscribers can see the live data HERE and our new friends can kick off a free trial to access the full research platform, this article is intended to quickly examine which of these tech companies are prominent in both the PE List and the ETR data.

Many of the companies on the Top 40 AI list are already well-known names among our ITDM community, such as Abnormal, Databricks, and Snyk, to name a few. Others, such as Cresta and Loom, are lesser-known additions. All in, 19 of the 40 companies on the top 40 AI list are also tracked in ETR's Emerging Technology Survey. Full data sets analyzing the company's evaluation and utilizaton rates are available for each of these vendors on ETR's research platform. In the meantime, here are a few of the more interesting data points on some companies on this crossover list:

While Databricks has one of the highest Net Sentiment scores in the entire ETS and is prominent among the TOP 40's "Enabler" category, Thoughtspot also makes the list despite seeing one of the highest Churn rates in the entire ETS survey universe. Two names on the Top 40, Dbt Labs and Anyscale, also boast some of the highest Evaluation rates within the ETS. Dbt Labs, Airtable, and Fivetran also show high survey over survey and year-over-year positive deltas among our ETS data, which is an encouraging sign for future growth prospects.

When looking at the sector breakdown of the 19 overlapping companies between ETR and the Top 40 AI list, not surprisingly, we see a heavy preponderance within ML/AI, and Data Analytics; however, a number of CRM applications, Information Security and Project management companies also populate the list with some frequency. Since the ML/AI sector held the highest number of vendors, we take a look at that ETS subsector breakdown below as an example. Here we see that Databricks is by far the leader in total Mind Share and second in Net Sentiment across the entire sector. Next from the Top 40 list is Data Robot, with Mind Share slightly above the remainder of the pack. However, from a Net Sentiment perspective, Data Robot is lumped together with peers Weights & Biases and Anyscale, while Hugging Face leads this secondary grouping.

Whether you are on the enterprise, investor, or end-user side, if you would like to see more data and analysis on any of these names, give us a try now with a free trial or by reaching out to our service team at  

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