2023 Cloud Survey Results

ETR's Annual Cloud Drill Down is Complete

ETR Research 

| September 08, 2023

Cloud Growth Slows While Workload Shift Remain Intact; Azure Maintains Pace over AWS

ETR completed its annual Cloud survey with more than 300 select ITDM respondents contributing to the study that measures utilization, workloads, and spending on cloud providers. This includes public cloud workload share, public vs. private distributions, spend drivers, and vendor market share across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and other players in the space. Check out the full results on the ETR research platform. Don't have access to ETR research? That's OK; get started on your own free trial right now before reading some of the high-level survey takeaways below.

What is or will be your company's total annual spending on IaaS and PaaS Cloud for the following time frame(s)? [Today vs. In 3 Years]


As captured in ETR's quarterly TSIS, overall cloud spend has slowed from year-ago levels. Among All Respondents, the 3-year CAGR is now 7% versus the 10% captured in the year-ago survey. Interestingly, small organizations maintained the highest CAGR (+30%) while growth increased among the largest organizations in our sample, with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 CAGRs increasing to 8% from 7% and 4%, respectively. Midsize and the broader larger organizations saw declining CAGRs from year-ago levels. (see chart below)

What portion of your company's workloads are or will be on an IaaS or PaaS Cloud for the following time frame(s)?

In aggregate, the shift in workloads to the public cloud remains intact. Not shown below, but 41% of workloads are currently in the cloud among All Respondents, which is in line with what respondents forecasted in our year-ago survey for the year ahead. However, when narrowing to Global 2000 organizations (N=75), plans to migrate workloads are slightly behind schedule in this study (AUG23) compared to plans captured in OCT22. That being said, the trajectory (looking forward) is in line with OCT22 plans. (see chart below)

The full 2023 cloud survey results break down specific vendor spending and market share in great detail. You can view that data analysis on the ETR platform, by starting a free trial, or reaching out to our service team to request access. While we can't give away all of our proprietary data and research for free, here is a section of the survey that tracks some of the cloud provider's attached Gen AI utilization.

Which of the following products from Cloud providers is your company currently using for Generative AI use cases? Does your company plan on evaluating any of the following products from Cloud providers in the next 6 months for Generative AI use cases? Please select all that apply.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service has the highest current utilization (55%), while Amazon Bedrock has the highest Plans to Evaluate (31%). IBM Watsonx also shows a steady presence, with 18% of respondents either currently using or planning to evaluate the technology. (see chart below)

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