AUG23 Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) 

Evaluation and Utilization Data for Private Tech Vendors

ETR Research 

| August 25, 2023

As our past readers and community members already know, the ETS provides enterprise customer sentiment data on 450+ private emerging tech vendors. The most recent iteration of this survey saw participation from nearly 1500 IT decision makers, representing over ~$600 billion in annual IT spend. Following each survey, our research team analyzes evaluation, utilization, and churn metrics to determine outperforming and underperforming vendors, as well as present a sector-by-sector view of performance relative to each company's raised capital.

A full webinar presenting all of the data will be released next week and, along with the full set of data visualization models, can be accessed on the ETR research platform. In addition, vendor and sector reports based on the ETS data are also now live on the platform and available to clients.

While this article is going to generously offer a glimpse into some of the highlights from that webinar, the only way to access ALL of our research is by checking it out for yourself with a free trial. 

Let's start by explaining the overall survey structure and what type of information is designed to capture. The ETS currently tracks over 450 private technology vendors by prompting survey respondents with the following answer options in order to gauge awareness, evaluation, utilization, and churn metrics for those:

First, we have our two evaluation metrics, which are ‘Plan to Evaluate’ and ‘Currently Evaluating’

Second, we have our two utilization metrics, which are ‘Evaluated, Plan to Utilize’ and ‘Allocating Further’

Next, we have our awareness metric, which is being ‘aware of the vendor, but have no plans to evaluate'

And lastly, we have our two churn metrics, which are ‘evaluated, no plan to utilize’ and ‘replaced or in containment’

All of those words are neatly conveyed in this handy infographic below.

Hang tight, we're almost at the good part. In the following slides, we’ll be presenting a proprietary Net Sentiment metric that helps aggregate the aforementioned metrics into a single number. In its simplest form, we are aggregating the positive metrics and then subtracting that from the negative metrics. In addition, our mind share metric represents overall enterprise pervasion and awareness within our sample. That metric is calculated by aggregating the evaluation, utilization, and the evaluated, no plan to utilize citations, and then dividing by the unique sector respondents. OK, now on to the data.

In the slide below, we start with a broad look across our survey universe for outperformers by the various sentiment metrics. This slide shows Mind Share of the respective sector on the x-axis and Net Sentiment on the y-axis. The highlighted vendors here will have Net Sentiment scores at least one standard deviation away from the mean. This slide focuses on those vendors and technologies with higher mind share, and then we’ll take a look at the smaller mind share vendors in the following slide.

In this analysis, several open-source technologies continue their reign of dominance, including Kubernetes in container orchestration, Postgres in Data warehousing, Jenkins in Automation, and Apache Kafka in Stream Processing. However, it is OpenAI that holds the highest Net Sentiment position after knocking off Kubernetes. Security vendors are well represented, with OneTrust, BeyondTrust, Snyk, Abnormal Security, Netskope, Salt Security, 1Password, BitSight and HackerOne all making the cut. All of these are mind share leaders within their respective sectors while maintaining some of the highest Net Sentiment scores of the survey.

Moving onto the smaller mind share end of the spectrum. Hugging Face has overtaken Istio in Net Sentiment, in tandem with a notable uptick in mind share, among smaller mind share technologies. Following Hugging Face in Net Sentiment are Istio, Scale AI, and Wiz. On the negative side, MNTN now ranks as the lowest Net Sentiment across the survey, joined by Deminca, Givex, Pair Finance, CFEngine, Teamtailor, Skai, and Transactive Systems as the vendors below a 0% Net Sentiment score.

Ok, that's enough free research for now, but remember that next week, we will be releasing the full findings webinar highlighting all of the data from the August 2023 ETS. You can register for that webinar by reaching out to us at 

Don't feel like waiting around till next week? That's ok; you can start your free trial right now and access all of the ETR Research, including our proprietary survey data, hundreds of sector and vendor-specific reports, and a full library of end-user interviews and panels.  

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