April 2023 TSIS Preview, Part II

Top Data Trends to Monitor

Tim Kelly | ETR Research 

| March 17, 2023

Part II: Top Trends to Watch Ahead of the APR23 TSIS

ETR launched the APR23 Technology Spending Intention Survey (TSIS) last week. The April study is designed to be an update to the JAN23 data, inquiring on full-year 2023 spend following a record respondent turnout in January. This article is part two of a series covering the trends that warrant monitoring as the new data starts populating the platform next week. Last week we looked at data trends 1-4, spanning from record-low survey Net Scores, declining IT budgets, and sector-level trends. This week we turn our attention to more vendor-level data.

#5: Surprising considering the sector-level data, UiPath was a clear outlier in the RPA sector and ranked second across all public vendors with >50 or more citations with a Net Score of 55%, up a whopping 19 percentage points sequentially. This was the largest sequential gain among vendors with >100 or more respondents. With the new spending data compiling into the ETR platform, we look to see if the current dataset confirms this inflection for UiPath.

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#6: Across Information Security, Fortinet and Akamai saw the largest growth in existing customers who plan to spend more on the vendors y/y with their Increase percent growing 6 and 7 percentage points y/y, respectively. Okta and Auth0 are also notable for both being among the top 4 in Information Security in total positive response rates following sharp sequential increases in combined Adoptions + Increasing spend intent.

#7: From the Macro View survey, Global 2000 respondents indicated the largest increase (14% in OCT to 20% in JAN) in reducing excess cloud resources, when asked on where they would achieve IT spending cuts. Among sector leaders in the TSIS, Microsoft Azure continues to hold its lead in absolute Net Score in the standalone Cloud Computing segment, as all 3 showed y/y declines in Net Score. Google Cloud Platform had the highest rate of Adoptions, but Adoptions also declined the most y/y of the three, leading to a larger contraction in Net Score. AWS held steady in Adoptions and those Increasing spend and showed the lowest decline in Net Score. We look to see if GCP falls further as the others continue to hold at more steady, elevated Net Score levels.

#8: We also look to confirm the severity of the data for the worst performing vendors with >100 citations on Net Score basis y/y in JAN23. Those included HubSpot, PagerDuty and SentinelOne, in particular, for JAN23.

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